Garment Care

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Take Care For Long Wear

Hand wash garments in luke warm water with mild soap, rinse immediately and hang to dry.  Do not soak and do not add bleach.  Do not iron as a direct hot iron will dull sequin fabric as well as melt nylon lycra fabrics. To eliminate wrinkles hang the garment in a humid or steam filled room. A bathroom with a hot running shower is ideal.

To maximize the life and retain the beauty of these fabrics, extra care should be taken not to sit or lean against abrasive surfaces.

While putting on garments be aware not to tug on the more delicate portions such as sheer fabrics and it is always a good idea to pull the garment from the underpants rather than the shoulder areas. Once the garment sits nicely at the waistline, continue by easing in one arm at a time.

There may be times where you may experience a ripping sound. There is no cause for alarm as it may only be a non-stretching basting stitch that has given way. This preliminary stitch helps during construction of the garment so that the pieces are held in place before sewing over with the final serging stitch which is both durable and stretchy.

With proper care, garments will retain their original beauty and will last for many years.


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